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1. To speak with Store Sales Associate by phone feel free to call 212-995-1395 or 212-219-9806

2. You may - Email us any time

3. Fill the form below to connect with our Customer Service Representative online


Customer service will be pleased to assist with any questions about your order or our website, we are Dedicated to Providing our Customers with a superivor level of service.


New York City Retail Show Room:
MON-SAT :9:30 AM - 6:00PM (EST)
280 Bowery
New York     NY 10012  USA

P : 212-995-1395 /212-353-9666
F : 212-995-2845


New York City Retail Show Room2:
MON-SAT :9:30 AM - 6:00PM (EST)
206-208 Bowery
New York     NY 10012   USA

P : 212-219-9806 / 001-212-431-4320
F : 212-219-9081


New York City Warehouse:
MON-SAT :9:30 AM -7:00PM (EST)
25 Bridgewater street
Brooklyn    N.Y.11222  USA

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