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About Us



Yasakart is a multinational corporation that integrates raw-material purchase, production, and sale into one supply chain. Our major products are tables, chairs, benches, booths and counters, which are made of European beech wood are upholstered with genuine leather.

Yasakart is privately owned company with its joint ventures in the United States, Canada and Europe. With our talented employees' hard work and continuous effort,  --- patented in the United States, has entered in the mainstream market in Europe and the United States and earned a reputation as the "king of Beech wood chair".          

In Yasakart, we are manufacturing and wholesaling high-quality wood chair, leather chair and metal-wood chair. Now, we have become the leading supplier in the commercial furniture industry. Every winter, Yasakart engineers would take trip to European forest for timber selection, and we are directly importing beech wood logs from Europe. After the process of exploiting, opening, smoothing, streaming, drying, timbers are turned into lumber in all specifications, so as to make sure the whole chair meets our requirements of no connecting, and no seaming. The splicing, cutting and breaking materials are never used in our products.

All bending parts in a chair are made by the world-class tensile, compression and bending equipments with cutting edge technology. All these equipments are from European countries at high cost. These equipments help to bend the wood parts into different shapes while maintaining the original texture of wood and improving the mechanical strength of wood.       

Paint materials for our products are from the United States, which are nature-environmental protection enhanced. All wood surfaces are treated by German equipments with high-frequency UV scanning and painting technology. The painting process is done in our dust-free and consistent temperature workshop, so as to keep the painting high-adhesive, durable, wear-resisting, heart-resisting, highly transparent, non-spalling and non-color changing. 

Our mission is “Customer service come first; Quality is our top priority; Competitive price and on time delivery." Our goal is "to carry what our competitors don't carry; to have better products than what our competitors have". In addition, we are the premier supplier of the commercial chairs and tables in the industry in customers' eyes.       

Yasakart is willing to grow together with our customers and business friends for the long run.       

Guided by the principle of doing honest business, our company, as it has always been, will continue to provide customers with the top-quality products and 24-hours sales service. Customer satisfaction is the goal of our efforts.