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All of our booths are made to order so you can get exactly what you want. The booths shown below represent four basic styles and they can be built in any configuration you need. Simply select a style from below and the type of back and legs you would like from the Tufting & Leg Stylespage. You can use any of our Vinyl Selections, Fabric Selections, or customer-supplied material for the seat and back.

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BTH3502W Fillmore Booth

Custoom Booth BTH3502W

BTH3503 Caesar Booth

Custoom Booth BTH3503DR

BTH3504 Letchworth Booth

Custoom Booth BTH3504

BTH3506 Fanfare Booth

Custoom Booth BTH3506

BTH3507 North Crest Booth

Custoom Booth BTH3507W

BTH3509 Letchworth Booth

Custoom Booth BTH3509

BTH3510 Fifties Booth

Custoom Booth BTH3510

BTH3512 Garden View Booth

Custoom Booth BTH3512

BTH3513 Innovator Booth

Custoom Booth BTH3513

BTH3514 Capri Booth

Custoom Booth BTH3514

BTH3515 Johnny Booth

standard Booth BTH3515

BTH3526 Linwood Booth

Custoom Booth BTH3526

BTH3527W Elmwood Booth

Standard Booth BTH3527W

BTH3528 Linwood Booth

Standard Booth BTH3528

BTH3529 Navigator Booth

standard Booth BTH3529

BTH3530 Letchworth Booth

Standard Booth BTH3530

BTH3532 Verona Booth

Standard Booth BTH3532

BTH3631D Harvard Booth

Standard Booth BTH3631D

BTH3513 Innovator Booth

Custoom Booth BTH3513W